A Misanthropic Message 
from the Misfit Maker 
Take to heart this art with open mind so you might see that it has come from a purveyor and creator of deviant goods. It is made of items stolen from the capitalistic graveyards that squander the relentless toxic fallout from a society plagued by an ignorant self righteous ideology of overabundant consumerism that is fueled by an addiction to instant gratification.
To know not wrong does not make it right to take action without any conceptual notion of consequence nor remorse in the raping and pillaging of finite resources pertinent to the complexity of a billion year old recipe necessary for maintaining the delicate balance of life on this tiny little island amidst a vast insurmountable ocean of cold dark empty space. Sadly, I fear we shall never have the pleasure of adventures sailing that sea as we sit here drifting motionlessly in the very unnerving dead calm of our own twisted demise.