"Art is 1% observation, 1% intellect, and 98% accident, the trick is learning how to make the accident work for you."
When asked about this quote Tiphani Law said, it's stoicism. We have no control over the cards that we are dealt however, what we can control is how we do or do not react to them. For this resourceful entrepreneur each new card is seen as another clue adding to the exciting challenge of solving this great mystery that we call life.
Tiphani is the proud parent of two beautiful and well rounded children, her son Shane and daughter Paige whom just recently gave birth to her second child Salem.
At present, Tiphani is finishing up a degree from the University of Arizona in Media, Arts, & Entertainment. As part of her studies she has become quite abreast and concerned with the issue of climate change in addition to becoming fearful of the impact it will have on her grand children. The recent discovery of her unimagined and uncanny natural ability for creating these amazing works of art has been a blessing two fold. For one, it is a way in which Tiphani can directly combat the damage being done to the environment and two, it is a way for her to promote awareness and care for the only place at present we can call home. 
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